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Title: we are compelled to do what we have been forbidden
Chapter: 1/?
Pairings: Rachel/Quinn/Brittany/Santana
Summary: AU. Four girls, a toddler, a big city, even bigger dreams. Sometimes all you can do is forget the rules, keep your head together and never, ever give up.
Word count: 1,600
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

AN: This is my first Glee story and I have a pretty solid plan for where this is going, so I hope you like it.

Here's the break down: Quinn kept Beth and didn't go insane and never got into a car accident; aside from that, all the rest follows canon after Journey (that includes Brittana, Troubletones, Finchel engagement, NYADA, Yale, Britt failing senior year, Maribel's check, Santana heading for NYC, Finn dumping Rachel at the train station). The prologue is the only planned chapter in Beth's POV. The following chapters steadily go about Quinn keeping her and the girls' road to college and, eventually, life.

Warning: This a Faberrittana polyamory story, so turn around if it's not your thing. It's mostly fluff.


Beth Fabray really thought summer was her favorite season, now that it was so close. Honest. Soon, she'd get to go to Ohio to see Dad, splash around in the pools he was trying to clean, play soccer with her granddads (they had a team, but it was really easy to beat them—even if it was just her against them), have tea parties with her grandmas and no homework at all.

Summer was awesome.

She was just having a really hard time remembering the pros right now. The sundress her mama had picked out a month ago ("preparation is important", she recalled the constant drilling she was submitted to) felt itchy around her collarbone and her hair was sticking to the back of her neck. She snapped the thin hair tie she wore on her wrist and snuck a sideways glance toward her mom, sitting on the white fold-out chair next to her.

Beth smiled a little. Her mom's blond hair glowed in this weird halo (that stupid sunlight had to be good for something) and her eyes glistened with tears that should be falling at any moment. Beth didn't quite understand why though, this old man's speech sounded so boring and it went on forever, but in a way she knew it wasn't really about that. Last week, she saw that same expression on her face, but Beth was up there, on the stage, scanning the crowd for four proud faces and waving her little diploma in the air for them to see. It was that face. (But she was having way more fun.)

Beth snapped the hair tie again, still testing the waters. She wanted to put her hair up so badly. It would actually look good with this dress! She had it up when she tried it on the first time and they all said she looked—what was the word? Radiant? Striking? She was sure it had something to do with light. She hoped she wouldn't get into any trouble now. They wanted her happy and healthy and still alive, right?

(Man, this old guy sure was not helping her case right now. Move it along! Break into song! Her mama always said life was better when people broke into song and she agreed.)

She heard a sniffle to her left and, sure enough, her mom was crying. Beth saw it as her cue to quickly bunch her hair up and—

"Excuse me, excuse me. Oh, pardon me, ma'am", Beth's blood ran cold at the voice approaching at her right. Her elbows were up, frozen mid-action, with her hair almost fully tied in a pony tail. Move, get it done, she ordered herself.

"Did you get the pictures?"

"Yes, thanks to some junior who was helping around with the lighting. I was certainly not gonna get easy access from that angle."

Beth heard a snicker.

"No lewd commentary, please."

"I didn't say anything."

Another snicker. And a heavy sigh as an answer.

Nobody caught her! She was free! Wow, that breeze felt so great. She looked at either side of her as they continued to talk.

"They both look super amazing."

"They're in a sea of Columbia blue gowns, Britt, they look exactly the same."

"Yeah, but Santana's earrings match her awesome pink shoes and Q's hair looks so shiny, like cotton candy."

It was Beth's turn to pipe in. "Cotton candy doesn't shine, mom."

"Quinn's does. Her... candy—"

"Don't be gross," she heard mama chide. Well, it didn't sound gross, but she could do without another unicorn and rainbows rant.

Mama almost leapt out of her seat when the speech ended. The whole crowd erupted in applause—maybe they were as relieved as Beth was that it was over! She happily joined them.

She felt as the only sane person in her family when names started being called and her mothers openly wept on either side of her. She looked down to find their hands linked on her lap and smiled.

Being the only kid she knew with a household that had a very unfair (and sometimes overwhelming) parent/child ratio could get confusing at times. Her friends would ask her why she had so many mothers. She just did. That's the world she knew. Kids at school didn't have the same kind of family; according to her moms, that was okay. They were unique, but that didn't mean she should be embarrassed. The other kids just needed to learn to accept differences (and they really did, considering she wasn't the freak who ate glitter or anything).

Her friend Erica was always going on and on and on about how much she hated her mother's boyfriend. In a way, Beth was glad she didn't have to worry about that. Her moms never got boyfriends. Ever. Well, Britt and Santana were each other's girlfriends, but Rachel and Quinn never brought anyone home to meet her. (She was at Erica's watching the new Selena Gomez concert when her mom made a big deal of introducing Drew as her "new dad". It was super awkward.) She once asked Rachel why Quinn wasn't her girlfriend; it'd be so easy, because they liked each other and they lived together and they were her moms. They were already there.

She'd never seen Rachel's eyes go that wide—and she's got some pretty big eyes.

Quinn was always her mommy. She called Britt 'mom' the first time at the park. She was sitting pretty on the bench (Rachel's request), watching the squirrels, while Britt risked her life on the swings. (They terrified her. They could go so high.) Beth's first instinct was to yell 'MOM!' for the madness to stop. Britt didn't make a big deal of it, so she just never stopped. It got easier to call the others that as well; they shared the same space, they reprimanded and encouraged her just the same, the four of them seemed to love her and each other just the same. So it was very simple to see them as a unit. As her moms.

Rachel became 'mama' after this one time they baked cupcakes in the kitchen and this Queen song started and Rachel cried into her spatula. (Again with the eyes. Beth took the hint and would always smile when that song came on.)

Santana wanted to be different. She'd said mama was supposed to be hers and she and Rachel started arguing above her head and mommy made them "take it to the bedroom, not in front of the child, please". It worked and Santana became 'mamí'. Beth didn't need them arguing to know that. She'd been calling Santana that since she was three, when she started babysitting her and some other kids in the building while everyone else was at school or work. It was their thing. She just hadn't known it was another word for 'mom'. Beth giggled when Santana high-fived her.

She felt her her hand being tugged gently and looked up at mama, who was furrowing her eyebrows at her and trying—trying—to look mad (her eyes were so red from crying). "Did you put your hair up?"


Beth pointed at the stage. "Look, they're coming down!"

Britt squeaked and Rachel's eyes shot at that general direction and Beth held her hand tight. "Oh, finally! Come on."

They wove through the mad crowd to look for Quinn and Santana, who were holding each other tightly. Sure enough, they were crying. (What was it with all the crying? She had graduated kindergarten last week and she had been fine, thank you very much.) Mommy was the first to see them and picked her up as if she weighed nothing and put their foreheads together. "Hi, baby," she said. Her smile was so big that Beth felt something in her chest.


Before she could feel her first tear fall, she squealed as she was pulled between Britt and Santana and they twirled her around. She caught a glimpse of her other moms kissing and she thought she would feel grossed out, but she felt responsible and sort of proud. She wasn't sure she was allowed to see that, though.

She had her arms around mamí's neck when the four most awesome women she knew squished her in a group hug and whispered 'I love you's between them.

She was not sure who they were meant for.

She was not even sure it mattered.


Chapter 2



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